Not so Many Theories

The Mayan Calendar comes to an abrupt end on December 21st, 2012. Many scholars point out that it does not really mean much as the Maya themselves talked about things happening far into the future.

Be that as it may, they obviously had something important in mind for their End-Date. But what?

Most of the fringe writers on the subject think is will usher in a Golden Age. Some theorize a doomsday across the entire planet. Unfortunately, both of these hypotheses mention that it has already started and is growing in intensity all the time, and will continue to do so even after 2012. So why would the Maya make the ending one specific date that happens to fall in the middle of either transformation?

Other theorists say the pole of the Earth will reverse – or perhaps only tilt, as in the upcoming movie “2012” – and wreak havoc over the world. That is a singular event that could be pegged to what the Maya were referring? This “Sun” (or as many term: “Age”) is called Earthquake, meaning the world will be destroyed by earthquakes. Perhaps the pole theory is correct then.

But, once again, what did the Maya think it meant?

And why this obsession with the Sun?

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