the Tzolkin (pronounced CHOL-KIN)

Most writer spend a lot of time delving into the Tzolkin and it is an interesting artifact. But what is it, really?

In use today still by the modern Maya, it is an augury – much like our daily horoscope – telling them what are good days for certain actions, etc.

Most authors spend a great deal of time discussing this 260-day calendar and its meanings (using the marvelous glyphs the Mayans used for each of the days). But it is not the only Mayan calendar!

Not to be outdone by anyone, the Maya also had the standard Solar calendar of 365 days (called the Haab) and the correlation between the two (each restarting at the same point every fifty-two years) termed the Calendar Round. Pretty fascinating stuff, huh?

But what has all this to do with the Long Count, the calendar ending December 21st, 2012?

But much, I’m afraid. The Haab continues past that date, the Tzolkin continues, the Calendar Round continues… With all the discussion and deference given to these marvelous calendrical constructs, they really don’t mean anything in the question at hand. Still, they can give us insight into the Maya and what they were meaning.

Just don’t think the small parts ARE the big picture.

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