Previous Ages

There are several interesting articles on the earlier “ages” (or, as they called them: “Suns”) of the Maya. One of the better articles online I have found is a paper by Carrie Kozikowski.

She says “The Maya split history into 5 Suns or Ages.” Like most other authors, she confuses “Suns” with “Ages” as if they were one and the same — but they were far from it! The sooner you can get that confusion out of your mind, the sooner you can understand what the Maya were talking about. They did not call them “Suns” without reason.

She goes on to list the durations in years of all these earlier periods (taken from the Aztec records): 4,008 years, followed by 4,010 years, then 4,081 years, and 5,026 years for the Sun just finished. The present Sun will last 5,125 years. So it would appear the durations are getting longer — if the Aztec records are correct.

Carrie then follows the John Major Jenkins’ error of saying the current period at 5,125 years is exactly one fifth of the precessional cycle. Most scientists are not certain of the exact duration of the cycle but the usual estimate is 26,600 years of which 5,125 is nowhere near “exactly” one fifth.

She then theorizes that the precessional cycle must be speeding up. This is a novel suggestion and I think it is worth looking into. Even though she is assuming that the Maya were actually talking about the precessional cycle (a dubious idea at best), I found her article both interesting and thought-provoking though I picked a few portions to take to task.

[her article can be found at: “”%5D

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