More on Precession

Another note on the Precessional hypothesis of Jenkins: why would the Sun lining up with the center of the Galaxy on the Winter Solstice mean anything to the Maya?

If they were really only pointing their calendar to this “all-important” even, why not just have their calendar start at 300 BC when the first Long Count record was made? Why go to the unnecessary extreme of having it start 3114 BC? Were they simply playing math or mind games?

None of this really adds up except in the mind of Jenkins.

His correlation of the theoretical Black Hole at the center of the galaxy (and let’s face it, the Black Hole is still just a theory) with any part of Maya cosmology is unsupported by any scholar in the field of Mayan studies. The idea that it is somehow the Mayan Road to the Underworld is hypothetical.

A theory based on a theory of an hypothesis garnered from yet another theory is tenuous at best. I think we should try and understanding the Maya rather than creating a lot of New Age mumbo jumbo.

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