Calleman’s End-Date

Carl Johan Calleman has created a major rift in the fringe field of Mayan End-Date studies by changing the End-Date on us. Rather than December 21st, 2012, he insists from his own research that the calendar really ends in October 2011.

Wow! And this after a large group of Mayan scholars had spent the better part of last century completing all the calculations from the ancient monuments and texts. They could have just asked Calleman!

I am not saying that he is definitely wrong – none of us will really know anything until the end-date, whether Oct.2011 or Dec.2012. I think its great that the gradual enlightenment overtaking us all is centered on 2011 rather than 2012. But which part of the actual gradualness is it referring to, I wonder.

And with the gradual changes taking place, I still cannot figure out the actual importance of the End-Date since the changes have already started and will continue AFTER the End-Date.

Perhaps the equivocation is simply so that all the writers can claim to be correct as BOTH the End-Dates will fall within the changes.

But I thought the Maya had the End-Date mean something was actually going to end? How could I get that erroneous perception, I wonder?

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