the Birth of Venus

Supposedly, the Mayans had the start of their calendar (the Long Count, not the Tzolkin or Haab) coincide with what they called “the Birth of Venus”.

Many writers think this was nothing more than the first appearance of Venus as the Morning Star (some say Evening Star) after some momentous event – perhaps the death of the man who became the legend of Quetzalcoatl. But then why would Venus have been so important? Why not the first appearance of Mars, or Jupiter? Or even the Moon?

Why Venus? Certainly Venus had importance to most ancient cultures… hmmm, but why was that so? If you’ve ever read the works of Immanuel Velikovsky you will immediately see the connection. According to his theory, Venus WAS born around 3000 BC. Perhaps the Maya even pinpointed the exact day: August 14th. Perhaps they were actually commemorating the birth of the planet.

But why then do they equate the earlier period ending with the death of the Sun, the previous Sun? Could the two celestial events have been born of the same event?

Like I have always contended, trying to understand the Maya through the lens of our world view may not work. We may have to discard our preconceptions (translation: “scientific theories”) in order to fully understand what they were getting at.

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