a Deathwish, Perhaps?

With all this talk of the Mayan Calendar ending being the “end of the world”, one wonders about all the many times such has been said in the past.

It seems that every few years someone comes up with the next “new” end-of-the-world scenario. Far from being one kook walking around with a placard that proclaims “The End is Near”, there have been many such prophets in the past.

Of course, there are several mentions in the Bible, in the Old Testament as well as the Book of Revelations. And since Christianity already has mentions of a “millennium” and a return of the Savior, predictions abound.

It seems the Christians of the First Century actually thought the Second Coming was imminent, to occur in their own lifetimes. And when that did not happen, others have come up with other dates through the centuries. The year 1000AD seemed to be a perfect date for the end of the millennium, and the year 2000 as well.

But neither brought us anything so dire as the predictions. Even the Y2K bug was no more than a sniffle in retrospect.

But still we await an end… THE end. And, I daresay, it seems we actually seem to long for it.

Why should we hope for such a thing to happen? Are we, as some very devout would say, sinners all and need the cleansing? Or are we, like Velikovsky mused in Mankind in Amnesia, secretly attempting to expunge prior catastrophes from our psyche by creating another, whether cosmic or of human origin?

Whatever the impetus, our race does seem to be rather gleefully awaiting the end whether by rapture or rupture.

And it is only after such an event that we can relax and say, “There! It’s finally come.”

Then we can start living again, if there’s anything left.

This is probably the why behind the fascination over 2012. And if nothing happens, I feel certain someone will pull another date – somewhere further along – out of their hat and give us something new to look forward to.

Wouldn’t it be smarter to start living a better, more meaningful life now than waiting until after the world is destroyed? It seems like a form of procrastination.

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