the Creators of the Mayan Calendar

Some scholars are claiming the Mayan calendar is not actually theirs. Some theorize that actually their predecessors, the Olmecs, created the Calendar now bearing the Maya name.

Unfortunately, the earliest Long Date inscriptions fall AFTER the demise of the Olmec even though they do precede the earliest Mayan civilized centers. Also, the earliest inscriptions are found beyond the pale of the Olmec culture.

The best one can assume is that the calendar was invented by the culture that became the Mayan civilization. If so, I can think of no reason why we should call it anything but the Mayan calendar. They were the earliest to use it on a massive scale and the ones who continue to use it – in part, at least – even today.

Whether proto-Mayans or early Mayans, I think we can safely call it the Mayan Calendar. To call it anything else would fly in the face of the evidence.

At least as the evidence stands at the moment, and the field is constantly advancing.

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