On the Calendar Usage Today

A lot has been made about the Maya continuing to use the ancient calendar even today. And that is, in part, absolutely correct. They still utilize the tzolkin and the haab. Some even still celebrate the Calendar Round – that fifty-two year cycle of the two intertwining parts.

However, many of the authors today are going to the Mayan elders concerning questions about the Long Count.

Why? The modern Maya do not keep track of the Long Count. In fact, it was abandoned by the Maya during the Classic Period (circa 900 AD) at the height of their culture. They left us no reason why they abandoned its use after centuries of tracking the days and celebrating the ending of every katun.

So why did they abandon it? Probably because they did not understand its purpose. Apparently, they thought the katun ends were something very important but nothing seemed to coincide with those dates and they quit using it. [This is completely hypothetical; history gives us no clue as to why they discontinued its use, but usually things are discarded when their use becomes superfluous.]

So, one wonders if the katun ends did not produce visible results, why would the ending of katun 13 (December 21, 2012) mean anything?

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