a Little Sun Shine, Please

I have been madly searching through books and website for data that I came across a couple of years ago – to no avail.

One article I recall talked about a massive sunspot that covered more than half the solar disk… this was either in the thirteenth or sixteenth century, I recall. However, I have been unable to dredge up the reference or the information from anywhere.

Another article I found fascinating (and I thought it was in a book I owned but I cannot find it) concerned a wave form within the solar mass… a volume of alternately charged gases that reversed direction every so often but since the last reversal it appeared the wave was advancing faster than it had done preceding the last reversal. One scientist said it appeared it was going to fold in on itself about the time of the next reversal and he had no clue what it would mean to the usual reversal mechanism.

As I said, both ideas are fascinating and relevant to the Maya End-Date but I cannot locate either, now.

Perhaps I only dreamed them. (Damned weird dreams in that case!)

If someone has any ideas, I would like to hear from you.

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