Why does man seem to have had an obsession with the Sun LEAVING?

Many theorists say it is because the sun sets everyday and the ancients were so stupid they did not know that it rose again every morning. Somehow, I can’t buy that theory. They seem to think our ancestors were mentally challenged on even the smallest of issues.

There had to have been some incident which caused them to worry about the Sun NOT returning. And I doubt if it was just one man worrying through what seemed a very long night and getting his neighbors worried as well. Rather, I think they would have chided him for his silly doubts: of course the Sun will rise in the morning. What are you? Some kind of nut case?

The returning of the Sun at the winter solstice (as well as the summer solstice), the “rebirth” of the Sun every 52 years (for the Mayans and Aztecs), all had to have some profound occurrence in the past to cause people to worry that the Sun would NOT turn around and come back.

Until something bad happens, you normally don’t prepare against it. As children we learn through trial and error and most of us have scars on the knees because of this. We learn to be more careful, we learn to prepare, and we learn to watch out for the “warning signs” of something bad about to happen.

So what could have happened to make the ancients so anxious about watching the Sun’s “movements”? What bad thing had happened to cause them to watch for some sign that the Sun was NOT going to resume it’s normal behavior?

If you answer it was only because of the night falling and worrying about the sunrise, you may have some serious issues, but I don’t our ancestors had them. They lived more in tune to the seasons and the cycles of the Earth than we moderns do. That cannot seriously be considered an issue for them.

Something else must have happened. And an analysis of the worried NEED for observation shows that it must have been something very dire: such as the departure of the Sun.

Astrophysicists would say “impossible!” as they “know” the Sun has been unchanged for billions of years. And how do they “know” this? By studying the last couple of centuries and then using mathematics to prove that it has never changed. “Numbers don’t lie!” they tell us. Obviously, they have never studied accounting, or participated in assembling statistical surveys on public opinion. Other than politicians, I think numbers can lie better than any other form of data.

The history of science proves that.

Historians would have us believe that the ancient druids (or whoever) spent millions of work-hours constructing a observatory on the plains of Wiltshire from stones quarried hundreds of miles away (not the local stuff — it wouldn’t do) and then dragged to the site. And it wasn’t completed all at once, either. After the primary stones were cut and stood, and the lintels cut and lifted to the tops, an outer circle of stones was constructed, torn down, revised, reconstructed, and revised yet again. Why all this intense effort just to assure themselves that the Sun would return from the solstice?

Could the Sun actually have gone away at one time?

Let’s assume for a moment that it HAD. Could that be the reason for the repeated ice ages in our past? And what else could it mean? Hmmm.

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