Jupiter, King of the Gods

And why, with all this obsession with the Sun, did the ancients consider Jupiter to be the chief of the gods? It is the brightest spot in the sky – that is, after the Sun, the Moon, and Venus. So why hadn’t the Sun, the Moon, or Venus gotten the title of chief of the gods?

And how did several cultures around the world retain a memory of the giant red spot on the planet? Odin “plucked out his eye” for wisdom, leaving the gaping wound. And why wisdom? Wasn’t wisdom somehow connected with Athena, the daughter born out of Zeus’ head? Or is all this myth nothing more than merely mixing metaphors.

Still how could the ancients have known about the red spot without the aid of a telescope? Perhaps they had one but we have never found record of it? Maybe, but not likely.

There is a memory – racial memory of some sort – herein of something different than what we can see today, something which turns the ordered heavens we know into a bit of a chaos.

I remember hearing years ago about astronomers discovering Jupiter to be a massive radio source. Many hypothesized it was a star in the early stages of birth. I always thought it was more likely the other way around: a star that had once been.

Didn’t the Greek myth recount Zeus [Jupiter] overthrowing his father, Chronos [Saturn], and “tying him up with chords all around him”. Now how the heck did they know Saturn had rings? Could someone back then have actually witnessed Jupiter somehow spinning the rings around Saturn?

And what the heck could that mean? How could Jupiter have ever gotten close enough to interact with Saturn? Modern science scoffs at the notion.

But the ancient eyewitnesses were too terrified to scoff at what they saw unfolding over their heads. That modern researchers refuse to examine the record does not in any way lessen the possibility that such events occurred.

We may never know what the ancients were talking about… unless it happens again…

And could this be something along the lines of what the Maya were talking about?

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