the Olmec Heads – a tentative identification

The most famous remnant left to us of the Olmec culture of ancient Mexico is the giant heads carved from basalt. Well, the heads and the famous Mesoamerican Ball Game. Their name is not known to us except from the Aztecs, who called them “the rubber people” because of the rubber ball used in the game. But more on that later, this is about the heads.

Most scholars think the giant Olmec heads (20-50 tons each) were representations of rulers wearing ball-playing helmets or famous players of their even more famous Ball Game.

But why only the head? Why not show the entire form of the ruler or ball-player?

My own thought on the matter is that the Olmec were not picturing rulers of any Earthly realm. The heads are depictions of the gods. The strange markings on each one’s helmet differs one to another and reminds me of the differing glyphs used to depict their gods in written texts. One even has the jaguar pelt reminiscent of the Hero Twins.

They believed the planets were gods, and they knew the planets were spheres. That is the why they pictured them as round head-spheres. Just like the planets. It could also add another level of interpretation to the Hero Twins myths where, a couple of different times, the player loses their head but the head continues talking.

Round heads, round planets, round rubber balls… But normally one does not see the planets bouncing around. Usually, they continue their graceful motion through the zodiac unimpeded.

But it brings to mind a theory presented to us by Immanuel Velikovsky: the planets were thought of as gods because of their independent motions. That does not refer to their motion in an orderly fashion around the Sun, it referred to the planets “leaving their courses”.

Some of the dire prophecies about 2012 mention that very thing. (see previous entry where mention is made of Merlin’s prediction for the future)

With all this concern over heads, and planets, and bouncing rubber balls, it makes one wonder again what their ancient ball game was really all about.

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