Bugging Out – Ancient-style

Many times in the past, advanced cultures have abandoned their sophisticated urban settlements and gone to who-knows-where.

The Mayan civilization is a prime example. Why they abandoned their cities and moved into the jungles escapes our intellect. Their cities were abandoned while at the apparent height of their culture, and left for the jungle to encroach for centuries before we re-discovered them.

Historians cannot find a trace of warfare, or failing economy, or natural disaster, or disease and pestilence to explain all the evacuations. One of these reasons may be found at one site but not at another.

Examples of all these reasons for evacuation can be found throughout the world – a famous one being Pompeii – but in the Mayan Empire, complete abandonment seems to have been without a valid reason. At least no one cohesive reason… perhaps it was a combination of all those factors but not for each of the population centers. (Their abandonment was not complete in all areas at once.)

Some investigators (far from the mainstream) say the Mayans had built their civilization to establish certain prophecies about the future, and once the message was completed… they simply left. I can see a small group of people building some monumental structure to pass on a message to the future, but we are talking about their dwelling places, their shops, their cemeteries. Who is going to want to abandon their home just because some cryptic message had been completed?

Another famous civilization which vanished was the Indus Valley culture. They created a technologically advanced urban society (and pre-planned apparently, not growing organically over time as most cities do) with water conduits and sewage facilities, as seen at Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. At least no investigator has told us they abandoned their cities after encrypting some sort of message for “us”.

But what could inspire ancient cultures to abandon their homes and disappear into the countryside? It is incomprehensible that whole civilizations would abandon their cities. Why would they put so much work into something like a Chichen Itza and then walk away from it? Would they walk away from a pyramid or even go to the trouble to build it if it was not to be of use?

WHEN did man start building monuments OF NO IMPORTANCE, except as a monument?

And could that be what the Mayans did?

If so, what exactly was the message?

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