Doomsayers – the Age-Old Battle

There have been doomsayers among us for millennia. As I mentioned earlier, mankind seems to almost be looking forward to such an event. Even one standup comic had a wonderful routine about it: In the afterlife, one guy goes up to another and asks how he got there. He replies that he got hit by a car. The first guy grins and says he died in the BIG ONE! Armageddon!

According to the doomsayers, there is going to be literally billions dying in that event, so I fail to see the uniqueness of their demise.

Another group, one with a smaller footprint on history, were those who predict a coming utopia, a Golden Age for all mankind. These have always been written off as starry-eyed idealists who don’t have a clue.

Today, we have the same tug-of-war going on in the phenomena known as the Mayan Calendar End-Date. Both sides try to rely on modern scientific methods to back-up their hypotheses but it always sounds like a bit of a stretch.

Science contends that things have been as they were for millions of years – all but the human era – and will continue pretty much then same for the next few million years. So which does the scientific community really support?

As with the theory supported by the current Maya (ALL of them, as stated in an earlier entry), some in the scientific community support one or another of the interpretations, but the scientific community as a whole takes the neutral position.

So, without scientific support, which theory of the End-Date has a better chance of being correct? What did the Maya say on the subject?

As usual, the Maya documents do not support any of the modern hypotheses. Sure they were a spiritual people, but they said nothing about a coming golden age.

And though they did say the end of the current period would end in earthquakes, they do not say it is the end of the world.

In fact, they talk about the time period AFTER the End-Date as if it was “business as usual” – or as usual as it can be after worldwide earthquakes – but the end of the world? Not hardly.

So, I’m afraid the doomsayers will have to put away their signs and placards for another day.

Perhaps when the Apocalypse actually arrives. There are supposed to be plenty of signs…

Even if it does sound a lot like the present.

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