Grasping at Straws

John Major Jenkins, the premier writer on the 2012 phenomenon, claims that it has to do with an alignment of the Earth with the Sun and the center of the galaxy. He thinks this alignment will usher in the spiritual enlightenment of the planet. Exactly how aligning with a theoretical black hole will cause this to happen is open to interpretation.

Anyway, he says this alignment will be “exact” on the winter solstice in 2012, that is on December 21st, 2012, and therefore coinciding with the Mayan End-Date. What amazing luck, no? But, no, he furthermore says that the Maya set up their Long Count to point to this one date. In other words, around 1000 BC they constructed a calendar to show us the End-Date but it was organized in such a way that it could not start from the date they created it; its start was pushed back in time to some arbitrary date in the past. Why it had to be started at some random date in the past he is a little unclear.

Later, he pointed out that the length of the “sun” was one-fifth the length of the precessional cycle and so the group of “five suns” mentioned by the Maya was nothing more than emphasizing the last time this alignment occurred, 25,900 years ago! So, in actuality, they were pointing out the 21st of December in 2012 by anchoring the start of their calendar to a point nearly 24,000 before their time!

[If they had actually started their calendar to point out the return of this particular alignment after its previous occurrence so long before, what had happened when it occurred last time? Did we enter a “spiritual enlightenment” then – and why didn’t it last?

Jenkins’ claiming that the Mayans were so exacting in their practices should have checked the math first. The five sun cycles would bring us to a total of 25,625 years, short by some 275 years of what his theory requires.

While it is an amazing feat for the Maya of 1000 BC to come so close, what if it means their calendar’s End-Date is off by those 275 years? Is the End-Date really December 21st, 2287? Or perhaps even further off? If they were off at all, why not by a thousand years? Who knows?

So, while Jenkins’ idea is somewhat compelling, I do not think it holds up to scrutiny.

Beyond this one interpretation, did the Maya speak elsewhere their mythology about precession? No, not that anyone has discovered yet. So, perhaps this instance has nothing to do with precession either.

And what was the importance of the number five in their cosmology that they should divide the precessional cycle into five suns? No importance has been discovered on this mystery either.

And to top everything off, the exact alignment Jenkins proclaims for 2012 – the alignment with the theoretical black hole in the galactic center – actually occurred in 1998, according to astronomers.

So, Jenkins is either saying the Maya botched their calculations greatly – and on many levels – or his theory is full of holes.

Personally, I do not think it was the Mayans who erred.

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