the Exact but Incredibly Movable End-Date

Most theoreticians in the Mayan Calendar debate point to Terrence McKenna and his TimeWave Zero Theory as the first to indicate the Maya End-Date of December 21st, 2012. He based his studies on the Chinese I-Ching, but it does not appear that the Chinese themselves ever applied their concept to the calendar in such a manner. (Darn!)

Unfortunately, the person who computed the mathematics for McKenna, Peter Meyer, stated that the TimeWave End-Date was actually November 18th, 2012. It is rather close the the generally accepted date, but not within the limits set by his theory.

Many historians place the End-Date on December 22nd, 2012, rather than the 21st, depending on which version of the Goodman-Martinez-Thompson (GMT) correlation they have decided on. The three variants result in the End-Date falling on the 21st, 22nd, or 23rd of December.

Carl Johan Calleman claims they all have it wrong and the End-Date is actually October 28, 2011. Go figure!

So, take your choice. Personally, I’d rather stick with the 21st of December date, as it is the most widely accepted. I know I should probably take more of a stand on the issue, but I think even if it turns out the be the 23rd it will be close enough to be “ball park”. After all, the Maya set up the prediction thousands of years ago. I’ll give them a day or two lee-way.

But as the majority consensus is that the coming change will only be a gradual enlightenment, it doesn’t matter if it starts 1998, 2012, 2025, or 1857. A gradual enlightenment would move at its own rate, wouldn’t it? And who’s to say how fast it will progress, or even be noticeable?

It’s not as if they claim the enlightenment will suddenly hit us on that date. You wake up and BAM! – you’re enlightened, as if Emeril Legasse hits you in the face with fairy dust.

So what could the meaning of the end date really be? I cannot imagine the Maya would pinpoint a certain date with a specific event in mind. Here’s where the catastrophe buffs rub their hands and gleefully proclaim our doom.

But was it doom the Maya predicted? The majority opinion thinks not. Could the Maya have predicted some event that does not spell our doom but is specific enough to be pinpointed to a single day?

If we only knew what, huh?

[stay tuned]

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