Reality – Mirrored

In the Mayan Prophecies by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell, one finds the usual New Age interpretation about the Mayan Calendar. They firmly believe there is a golden age coming, a great spiritual awakening, ushered in by the arrival of the Mayan Calendar End-Date. They throw in a touch of Atlantis, just for good luck.

Cotterell interested me in his work on the sunspot cycle, which is supposed to reach a peak precisely at the time of the End-Date. I had hoped to glean some inspiration from it.

Unfortunately, the story took a turn when Cotterell was studying the lid of the sarcophagus of Pacal Votan, Lord of Palenque, the King buried under a pyramid there. Noticing a broken corner, he wondered if it had been designed that way. He decided to use mirrors to reveal “secret glyphs” on the lid to help gain deeper insight into the meanings of the hieroglyphs on the large stone sarcophagus lid.

Admittedly, the interpretation does not venture too far afield from what the general consensus is but he does gain something from it. Primarily, taking his mirrors to other mysteries around the world and using the same technique to dredge further insight from them.

I fail to see how the Maya could have made use of passing knowledge along in this fashion. Until someone finds a painting on a scroll of Mayans visiting the tombs of their ancestors with mirrors in their hands…

Or any other passage from the Maya – past or present – that reveals some reason they should conceal messages with this technique. I cannot believe the Maya were speaking to some mysterious future race unknown to them (us) warning of a coming crisis (or coming golden age – hey! for that we need a warning?) or trying to establish some sort of mystery school. Their teachings and writings were out there for all to see, understandable to any who should look. And how many could venture into the tomb of Pacal with a mirror to get the message.

It’s a shame this thing does not somehow lead back to the Mayan Calendar or anything else of interest in this study. The Maya did not construct their Calendar or their cosmology with mirrors.

But it is a neat little gimmick.

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