2012 – the Golden Enlightenment… NOT

Of all the theories about 2012, the one that tempts me most is the one about universal enlightenment and the coming Golden Age. Who would not like such a state existing for us? It sounds like the Utopia writers have been visualizing for centuries. And it especially looks good when compared to the Doomsday scenarios some other writers are predicting for 2012, who are in the minority, although a very vocal minority.

Most of the authors and websites are backing this horse. Unfortunately, I have seen this snake-oil salesman before. Except that in the 1960’s they proclaimed it coming with the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Same shtick, different date. They claimed there would be more peace, love, and understanding. All I’ve seen is more war, hate, and destruction. So far, Aquarius is not my cup of tea.

Of course, many tell us that it is not due to start for a century or more yet, but some of the current prophets have pegged the start to December 21st, 2012. How convenient, huh?

Back in the day, there were more people proclaiming the coming Golden Age than those predicting the end of the world. So, the 2012 phenomenon has given both sides a chance to renew their campaign of hope (or doom, as the case may be). And the numbers for each side are about the same as before. Some people are more propelled by hope while a few see only doom and gloom – almost gleefully, it would seem. But I’ve spoken of that subject before (see “A Deathwish, Perhaps” from July 11th).

Argüelles, Jenkins, and Calleman are the premier authors for this hypothesis and their books have spawned a large number of websites adhering to their slightly varying theories. There are lesser lights as well but too many to mention here.

I, too, would much prefer the Spiritual Convergence descending on us rather than a large chunk of iron but the evidence for it is mighty slim. All the prophets for this angle can do no more than merely state that the Maya were spiritual. Buddha was spiritual but he didn’t have much to say about 2012. Jesus, too, was spiritual, but the tribulations are supposed to come before the golden age on that path. And the rapture does not sound much like the golden age that is supposed to be approaching.

Given that the Maya were spiritual, how could the end of the present age be ushering in a golden one for us? Where did the Maya say this? In all their spiritual writings, where did they mention this coming enlightenment?


It seems that it is just the same prophets of euphoria that held sway in the ’60’s returned again with a new cornerstone for the New Age agenda.

The fact that it has nothing to do with what the Maya actually said is somehow overlooked in the translation. Their agenda was established before the Mayan End-Date was realized. Some may claim their forebears of the ’60’s merely “jumped the gun” by a few decades, but it still has nothing to do with the Maya or their Calendar.

So, if the Mayan were not talking about this golden age to come, what were they talking about?

Let’s consider some other theories…

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