2012 – the Tilting Axis… NOT

This is the one theory “backed by science”, its proponents claim. And, while it is true that there are some scientists who subscribe to the theory, most shy away from the subject altogether because of its New Age overtones.

Ever since Hapgood developed the theory in the ’50’s, it has become generally agreed that the magnetic pole of the Earth has changed in the past and probably will again. Scientists agree with this and place its next occurrence at some remove in the future… like thousands of years from now, even though some proponents claim it is overdue. (Don’t you just love how scientists always say marvelous things have occurred millions of years ago or will occur some thousand years from now. They don’t expect anything but the same ol’ same ol’ for quite some time.)

But it could occur sooner. Maybe even in 2012. It is not like the Maya hinted at the axis flipping or reversing, it just seems to be the first available doomsday to arrive without a suitably designated destruction mechanism. So while everyone sought for a solution, these prophets stepped up.

Anything is possible, I believe, and it might even happen. But I am sure it is not what the Maya were talking about. With the special regard they paid to the night skies, surely they would have said something about the Pole Star being usurped by another. Yet… they did not.

I would think that if something of a worldwide nature does occur, the shift of the poles might be a consequence of some “natural” phenomenon. Probably not anything like the premise of the movie “2012” but through other means. (In case you have not seen the movie, the shifting of the poles was caused by a massive solar eruption. As 2012 is a peak period for Solar activity, it seemed a valid interpretation.) Which other means? I cannot think of anything at the present but it should have been something of a cyclic nature that their calendar would have revealed.

Many think that the changing of the Solar Poles in 2012 will cause the Earth’s magnetic poles to reverse as well. But as the Sun’s magnetic fields have reversed every eleven years in the past with nothing of the sort happening to our planet, I think we can dismiss that concept.

As with so many of these doomsday scenarios: How could the Maya have predicted such a random event from their distant past? Were they psychic? Prophetic? Possibly, but then what would the purpose of the intricate calendar have been?

Certainly some psychic in the Maya culture could have seen such an event in the future and been able to calculate the exact day of its occurrence, but why go to the trouble of tracking the eclipse cycles, the Venus cycles, and the rest of the calendar mechanics? Why not just have a simple countdown of days?

So, it would appear this scenario is not the correct one either.

I think we’ll have to continue looking…

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