2012 – the Return of Nibiru… NOT

This is actually a bit misleading as many of you may already know. For those of you unfamiliar with the work of Zecharia Sitchin, he was the proposer of a novel theory in which ancient aliens were the gods of Sumeria, an ancient Mid-East nation. I will not get into the debate over his interpretations of the ancient texts but will comment on his theory about the aliens’ planet Nibiru – on an elongated orbit, returning every 3,600 years – making its return: it will not be coming in the year 2012.

Even Sitchin does not believe Nibiru is coming for 2012. In fact, he has come out to say most emphatically it is NOT connected with the End-Date of the Maya Calendar.

However, many of his followers are still of the opinion that it IS coming on that date, the return being predicted by the Maya. Exactly where in the Maya literature this prediction is made is never disclosed but it stands as another theory regardless. But what it might mean to our planet – aside from being overrun by egomaniacal aliens – is not clearly outlined either.

Like I mentioned in the previous article on comets and black holes, large stellar objects coming at such a far remove take a very long time to get anywhere. Our telescopes are sophisticated enough to determine their approach years in advance.

Comets of a decade ago are still in transit out of our solar system, being tracked yet by astronomers.

With that sort of time scale to work with, something as large as the planet Nibiru will become visible a decade before it reaches us.

And we no longer have a decade between us and the Mayan Calendar End-Date.

Three years to go, as of the day after tomorrow. By this time, Nibiru should even be visible to the naked eye in the night sky.

I believe it is as Sitchin says: we will have to wait several centuries before Nibiru makes its 3,600 year return.

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