Abandoning the Long Count

The Maya developed the Long Count during the period 1000-350 BC, according to historians, and started using it on their monuments in the 1st century BC.

During the height of their civilization, c.800-900 AD, they abandoned its use. No longer did they note and celebrate the katun and baktun endings, no longer did they continue marking the passage of days.

But why? If their calendar was so perfectly aligned to bring them to the end of the present Sun, why suddenly leave off its usage?

Was the length of the inscriptions too much work for them? Did the present suddenly mean more to them than some distant future?

Or could it be that they did not notice anything spectacular marking the baktun and katun endings. Perhaps they expected some truly remarkable things but nothing of moment occurred. They planned major wars to coincide with these calendrical moments and the outcomes, if less than satisfactory, caused them to lose faith in the calendar. It could have made them think the system was not working. Some fundamental mechanism, timing pattern, had been overlooked or miscalculated.

Perhaps they abandoned the End-Date and the Long Count because they realized it was WRONG.

So what can that mean for us? Will 12/21/2012 pass with nothing more than any earlier katun or baktun ending ceremony?

We will have to wait and see but I speculate that the Mayans realized they had erred.

But had they?

What if their thinking the Calendar was wrong was only something like both sides in a game praying to Jesus for victory. Well, only one can win, so does it mean one’s prayers were stronger or whatever to get the victor’s crown? Does it mean the prayers or the deity are wrong because only one side can win?

If this was the thinking the Mayans fell into because a victory was not given them on their carefully chosen baktun-ending day, perhaps they abandoned the Long Count in error.

And that would mean that the End-Date is still viable.

We do not know how or why they formulated their calendar in the fashion they did – series of twenties, eighteens, and thirteens – but it must have had a reason. We assume it had some reason other than simply coming up with the numerical value of the End-Date their Sun required.

If we can decipher how they derived their calendars, the cycles they deemed important enough to be included, we might understand what they were up to.

And if the End-Date still remains valid.

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2 Responses to “Abandoning the Long Count”

  1. ragasu Says:

    The world is really going to end in 2012.. I have found some strong reason i.e a planet called NIBIRU comes very closer to our earth and it will collapse us in 2012.. see the blog on vijaay.tk

    • rsmarshal Says:

      I have touched on the Nibiru angle in two other posts (see the entries of July 12th and Dec. 19th). While your blog ar vijaay.tk is compelling, the data does not support the idea. Eris or Nibiru may be heading our way but neither will arrive here by 2012. Even Zecharia Sitchin – founder of the Nibiru theory – denies that 2012 is the arrival date.

      In your blog, you say Nibiru will be apparent coming from the Southern Hemisphere in May 2010 but you then have a video of it being seen near the Sun in April 2009. The two facts do not mesh. There are many other like videos on YouTube showing similar anomalies, but none are Nibiru.

      You mentioned in your blog that there is predicted to be a peak in Solar activity in 2012. That idea aligns with what the Maya predicted for 2012. See my entry of Dec. 21st, “What the Maya Really Meant”. It is a far remove from what others are saying but I think it is what the Maya were really talking about with their Sun Ages.

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