Will the Earth Freeze?

You would think that if the Sun actually went out, another ice age would ensue at the very least. Most likely the temperature around entire planet would plummet to sub-zero.

Of course, most people think it is the burning surface of the Sun that warms our delicate world.

That is a misconception.

Certainly, the surface of the Sun is 10,000 or better but that temperature does not extend very far into the cold vacuum of space. The warmth we receive on the surface of this planet is from the solar radiation reacting with our atmosphere.

So, even if the fires diminish on the Solar surface, the amount of radiation will probably not diminish appreciably, although there may be some cooling. From the records I have seen there does not seem to have been massive cold anywhere. The ice ages in the past were probably caused by another agent, probably an orbital change (but more on that in a future entry).

It is interesting that the Hopi predicted the Sun would be warming up before the end of this Solar Age. I have heard some say that relates to the “global warming” being touted by politicians around the world.

Unfortunately, I do not think that a degree or two is what the Hopi were worried about. Besides, the Hopi spoke of the Sun getting warmer, not the Earth.

Now, what could make them think the Sun is getting warmer? Nothing like a summer heat wave would suffice, so I think it was something visible. What, visibly, would make you think the Sun was getting warmer?

Two things come to mind: first, we move closer to the Sun or, second, the Sun actually expands.

From the Mayan record, I don’t see either of these two scenarios mentioned. But they did happen to record seeing one planet falling into the Sun while another was driven back by a large Solar flare. Such a scene would be hard to see from the distance we are currently from the Sun.

But what has any of this to do with what the Maya foresaw for the end of this Sun Age: earthquakes?

This is open to anyone’s guess. I suppose a physicist could work up the mechanics of this scenario but I am not that guy. I am sure that if the Sun does change like the Maya warned there will be changes beyond anything we have previously anticipated.

The Sun that has supposedly burned along without change for billions of years could change overnight and become something else entirely.

And how those changes will affect us can only be guessed. But I think there will be a lot of earthquakes… as that is what the Maya told us would follow the Sun going out.

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