Atlantis II

Atlantis was a continent in the midst of the Atlantic – beyond the pillars of Hercules, according to Plato, and extending to the island of Bimini, according to Edgar Cayce – which was destroyed in a cataclysm in the ancient past. Plato claims it disappeared 9,000 years before his writing (he died 328BC) and Cayce claimed it vanished around 8500-9000BC.

The timing of its destruction is of interest to me in relation to the Mayan Calendar studies. If the Sun had gone out in 3114BC as the Maya claimed and the previous age lasted 5,026 years as the Aztecs recorded, the Sun would have gone out twice since the destruction of Atlantis.

I had at first wondered if the destruction of Atlantis was related to the Solar Cycle but the numbers are not exact. From the Aztec records the age preceding our current one lasted 5,026 years. 3114 + 5026 puts the previous Sun ending at 8140 BC.

So, either Cayce and Plato were wrong or Atlantis’ destruction has nothing to do with the other event. But the numbers are all “fairly” close that I wonder if the events were not somehow linked. Perhaps we’ll never know.

According to Otto Muck, Atlantis’ destruction was caused by the agent many assign with the 2012 End-Date: a meteor. His theory has a large meteor enter the atmosphere and descend over the east coast of the United States to plunge into the Caribbean basin near a fault line. The shifting along the fault line then caused Atlantis to sink. His book the Secret of Atlantis is a fascinating read but it has nothing to do with the Maya dilemma.

And if the destruction of Atlantis was connected to the Solar event preceding the start of the present Sun, why is there no monumental events noted for the ending of the previous Sun. I cannot find any record of mass destruction surrounding the 3114BC event. One would expect that if the memory of Atlantis’ demise was so well remembered, something similar would have been recalled for 3114BC but I have not found it.

So, though it would be nice to connect the two events, I don’t think it bears scrutiny. And it still leaves us to wonder what exactly will occur if the Sun does go out.

At least I am fairly certain it does not mean any continents will sink.

But the Maya did say this was the “Earthquake Sun”. We have had earthquakes throughout recorded history including some with disastrous consequences. It is generally assumed that the Maya End-Date will bring an “end to the world as we know it”, so what will the extent of the earthquakes going to be?

Tsunamis will probably wreak havoc on the coastal cities. As well as those nearby. Edgar Cayce had said Virginia Beach would be safe (so his foundation is located there) but, as it in on the coast, I wonder if it will be unscathed.

Large cities would definitely take a beating but it might not have any effect on the rural areas having very few buildings rising higher than a single level. There might be mountains forming where none had existed before (unlike the slow and steady mountain building geologic ages they theorize happened in the past) but we won’t know until – and if – December of 2012.

But I don’t imagine we’ll see any continents sink. At least, I hope it’s not the one I am on.

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2 Responses to “Atlantis II”

  1. stony Says:

    you are assuming that the mayan’s started their calendar from the exact year of an impact; it is more likely that the calendar was started by subsequent generations further down the line, who wished to formalise the tradition which had been mainly oral. A disintegrating super-comet on a long period orbit of several thousand years is one of few cosmic events with periodicities on this timescale. earth’s orbits interescts with one or two fragments each time, leaving the others to return in around 5,000 years time

    • rsmarshal Says:

      I do not assume the Mayan’s started their calendar from the year of the impact. In fact, I doubt the impact that caused the destruction of Atlantis had anything to do with the Mayan calendar. The Mayans themselves do not mention any impact scenario, only the “Birth of Venus”. In either event, the formulation of the calendric cycles may have dated from the event but could not have been constructed – as you say – in subsequent generations, when the cycles should have become evident. The periodicity of a disintegrated cosmic swarm could very well have been the cause of other problems, however. But, historically, are there any traces of such being found? The last major asteroid impacts on planet Earth were (supposedly) 50,000 years ago. The next one preceding seems to have been a million years previously. I do not see enough statistical data to think another is coming anytime soon.

      But, then, I’m no psychic.

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