End of Cycle – 2009

As this year draws to a close – yes, the end of our calendar (for this year) without anything so dire as the ending of the Maya Calendar – one can feel the usual reflection on the events of the year passed and the anticipation of the coming year. It surrounds us even as the cold winter air enfolds us… at least those of us in the northern climes. For those further south, it would be the warm air that enfolds.

It is just the end of a cycle most of us are very familiar with: 365 days to tuck away in history and turn to face the new year with resolve, if you are the type who makes resolutions.

New cycles always inspire many with new beginnings, new opportunities, new challenges. And that is a lot of what the Age of Enlightenment scenario is about.

There are a couple of interesting reads I have encountered that deal with various aspects of 2012.

One is from Julio Martinez-Clark’s blog (see: http:// juliomartinezclark.wordpress.com, his October 16th entry, “What are the Economics of a 2012 Solar Storm”) and deals with the economic angle of a 2012 Solar event of major proportions. He surmises that a large Solar storm could wipe out our electronic infrastructure and upset a lot of apple carts.

The other takes a completely different angle. Mary Miller on 2012 (see: http://forthetimeisathand.blogspot.com/, for October “Convergence of 2012”) touches on a different angle but has some good advice from John Peterson of the Arlington Institute. He says we must make the society adaptive to change and decentralize our government because, when the infrastructure collapses, the localities are going to have to be able to handle the problems.

I think it is interesting that, even though I said before that the Golden Age hypothesis was rather weak, this hypothesis may actually come about. Not that it was specifically what the Maya predicted, but as a by-product of the events that will unfold OR (even better) in preparation for the event.

Should our society begin preparing for the worst in our structure and our attitude, long before the End-Date arrives, then we should perhaps have that new enlightenment whether or not anything dire came out of December 21, 2012.

And if something bad happened on that date, we would be better prepared to handle it.

If we do nothing at all, we might actually be doomed. And I am not talking about a few people here and there subscribing to the notion that they have to assemble some survival gear to get themselves and their family through the ordeal. No, I am talking about the society as a whole start thinking more for the species and the planet than for themselves. Planning to survive “the end of the world” alone is not much of a survival plan.

Selfishness is what has brought this self-centered society to the brink (even without the help of 2012) and something a little more rational might be better for the future.

And 2010 might be a good time to start.

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