Ancient Chaos

One problem I find with the Saturnian Model(s) and such is that they either disregard the myths of the world ages or they give no mechanism for the change of ages. Most simply have some unknown outside agent – i.e. comet or meteor – arrive to change the conditions.

Unfortunately, if they followed the mythologies closer they would see that most ancients mentioned the ages repeated on a cyclic basis, as if there were an established sequence. This means the objections I have mentioned about most doomsday theories on the Mayan Calendar End-Date apply here as well. The theories of random events to further along the Saturnian model disregard the ancient evidence.

Alfred de Grazia lamented in one of his works that he was probably the “last Velikovskian” since so many of the followers of Velikovsky have gone in other directions. I guess that makes two of us as I still think Velikovsky was essentially correct.

Dwardu Cardona said he used to think Velikovsky was correct in the big picture but incorrect in the details, but later changed his opinion to think he was correct in the details but wrong in the big picture.

So many of the catastrophist community has endorsed one or another of the Saturn models. Most endorse either the Talbott/Cardona (/Thornill/Cochrane) model wherein the Earth sat “beneath” the gas giant so that it appeared to be a “god of the North Pole” or the equally popular model that simply has the Earth as a satellite of Saturn. In both models, Saturn is seen as a “dark star” or possibly a binary partner to the Sun, although not in all models.

There is still no consensus on the matter.

One problem with taking the ancient myths and aligning them is that they do not all say the same things, regardless of the statements of Talbott, Cardona and company to the contrary. There are variations as not everyone’s memory is the same. No one’s mythology is the same as another. They claim that all societies proclaim this Saturn as the god at the North Pole – but what about the societies south of the equator? Could they have revered the god of the north that they could not even see?

Who knows?

Did the Maya refer to any of this in their mythology? Perhaps. There is the tale of the Hero Twins shooting Seven Macaw (the previous Sun) out of the World Tree. Some say Seven Macaw is another representation of the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) in the Northern Sky, so one could argue this is a tie-in. But that is about as far as the similarity goes.

If someone knows a better correlation, I would love to hear it.

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