Ancient White Men in America

There are strange tales of white men from the early mythologies of many cultures, including those from the Americas, North and South. These very pale-skinned men arrived, usually with a few companions, to teach the natives about farming, law, building, and the other trappings of civilization. Usually, there was some opposition to them and they were driven out, but promised to return to them someday in the future.

When Captain Cook reached Hawaii, they thought it was the man returning. When Cortez reached Mexico, they thought the same.

Some think these people were aliens: Von Daniken, Sitchin, and the like. Some consider it to have been Jesus reaching the remainder of His flocks: the Latter Day Saints (or Mormons) among others. But the chronology of the visitations makes the correlations a little awkward.

In the Mayan area, Kukulcan seemed to have appeared to them before 1000 BC. To the Inca, their Viracocha seems to have come much later, perhaps even as late as 500 AD or so. His activity seems to just predate the beginning of their rise as a civilization. (As these are myths, the dating is rather hazy but that is the perception of the tales I have found.)

One interesting theory I have come across is that the man or god we know as Kukulcan or Viracocha or Quetzalcoatl was nothing more than the planet Venus. Each of these characters seems to have a close bond with that planet, especially in the time of their departure. One rendition has Quetzalcoatl dying on the east coast and his heart rose, burning, to become Venus.

The tribes of North America have this character as well, calling him East Star Man, Peace Maker, Pale One, Dawn Star, etc. Again, the reference to Venus is rather striking.

Venus. We are always being led back to this planet, so instrumental in Velikovsky (Worlds in Collision) as well as in myths in early cultures in the East and the West. Our usual perception is from the Greek where we see Venus as goddess of Love, but other places have other, darker, tales of Venus. Even in Homer’s Iliad, Venus is not some demure damsel.

To the Maya, Venus was a planet who was watched very closely, its cycles carefully checked and maintained in their calendars. It may have appeared at the end of Kukulcan’s visitation but it was also supposedly the harbinger of the present Sun. Many sources claim the 3114BC start date of the Earthquake Sun was also the birth of Venus.

Scientists will tell you Venus has been around much longer than that, even though they were not around at the time to give us a first hand account. But something of consequence must have happened for the Maya to make the connection. No simple rising of Venus as a morning star is going to have been that compelling a reason.

And if the birth of Venus/exit of Kukulcan is so far back in the past, can this have any connection with the ancient white men who visited the other tribes, in other places, around the world?

Perhaps it is something too far in the past for us to ever know for certain.

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One Response to “Ancient White Men in America”

  1. John Ackerman Says:

    Many myths tell of Venus’ birth as a result of a giant impact on Jupiter less than 6,000 years ago. Velikovsky pointed this out but dated it much too recently – around the date of the Exodus. However, he did not realize the implications. This means that Jupiter is a solid planet comprising primarily water in the form of methane gas hydrates and containing all the heavy elements in the original solar system. This is consistent with many modern observations of Jupiter – the multiple zonal wind bands, the temperature excess and the great Red Spot whic is the top of a column of hot gases still rising from the crater in which a nuclear conflagration continues to this day.
    Before settling down itno its current orbit only about 2,300 years ago, Venus raged through the solar system dislodging the most ancient terrestrial planet which I call priori-Mars from its orbit inside of the Earth’s and placing it in an orbit which intersected that of the Earth, triggering the cyclic encounters which I discussed in an earlier comment (360 days). The reason Venus was so feared was that soon after its birth it passed close to the Earth on two occasions, destroying all the sub-human stone-age beings, in preparation for the introduction of mankind. The first of these destructions was recorded by the Greek legend of Phaethon in which the Sahara became a desert due to the great heat of the new-born Venus. Venus remained a factor in the subsequent 3,000 years of cyclic catastrophism, because its position signaled the end of Each encounter with priori-Mars, but was no longer a direct threat to the Earth. I have written over 800 pages on the entire period of the ‘Gods’ in Firmament, Chaos and Peleh: Hidden Knowledge available from This is the finalization of the work which Velikovsky began.

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