Playing With the Numbers

Where did the Maya come up with their numbers? They had an obsession with the Pleiades (as did most cultures around the world) but they did NOT adopt the number 7 as part of their system like the east did – 7 is the days of the week.

They count by twenty over and over and then throw in a monkey wrench with a thirteen here or an eighteen there. Why?

Many writers tell us that they use twenty because it is the number of fingers and toes we have. And the thirteen because of the major joints of the body… you know, the ones that demons can invade in, not the small ones like the toes or finger joints.

That seems a bit of a stretch to me – a contrived reason at best – why not use all the joints or at least come up with something that is actually thirteen? And some say it is the number of heavens they had… but wouldn’t the number of heavens have come from their mythology and hence from their calendar? Perhaps that does not sound like good reasoning but I have heard many lame excuses similar as to why we have seven days in a week.

Astrology shows a variety of mirrors in differing scales. Jupiter travels through the twelve signs in twelve years. Hmm, interesting. That one be a sign a year, no? And wouldn’t that mean that every year would sort of have a different meaning? Just like the katun readings by the Maya?

Also, Saturn travels around the Zodiac in about 29 years. This parallels the movement of the moon around the Zodiac. So the Moon in a progressed horoscope mirrors the movements of Saturn.

The parallels are abundant. The celestial movements tell a story that the Maya were able to watch long enough and codify.

It had nothing to do with counting on their fingers.

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