the Case of Authorship

I am seeing more and more articles ascribing the creation of the calendar to the Olmecs or some other more primitive unknown tribe.

Since there is no record of the calendar at any of the Olmec sites, I think that if they had constructed such a thing they would have put it to use, especially in their larger ceremonial centers. But there is absolutely no record of it.

The Maya not only utilized it more than any other Mesoamerican civilization, they used more of it – the many various calendars they used – and made record of it in their few existing codices (as well as the Spanish chroniclers’ writings) more so than any other culture there.

Their history claims that they created it and all its parts over centuries of observations, calculations, and prophecy.

The current Maya still use the calendar (or parts of it) and maintain they had created it. Rather than giving credit to some mythological or unknown culture of the past, I suggest we call it the Maya’s calendar until there is proof to the contrary.

Please let the issue rest.

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