Proposed Revision of the Start-Date

They counted days rather than years and the estimated start date was estimated backward by counting days/years in our current system.

What if, as Velikovsky theorized, the years had only been 360 days in the past? The evidence of the ancient calendar-makers from around the planet point to this reality.

Does that alter the start date? (And not the End-Date?)

Actually, this revision would not alter the End-Date, just the Start-Date? How so? The days that correlate the Gregorian Calendar ā€“ our present system ā€“ with the GMT are in the middle range of the Mayan Calendar. And, apparently, the length of the years have not changed since the ninth century. Therefore, counting from that time to the end of the calendar on December 21st, 2012, was a rather simple task.

Counting backward to the Start-Date, however, is where the problem lies.

Since the Maya counted the days, and if the years were of a shorter duration (i.e. 360 days) then the Start-Date would be even further back in the past.

From the evidence I have seen over the years, I would compute the Start-Date of the Mayan Calendar to be somewhere in the middle of 3141 BC rather than 3114 BC, I believe. The dating is, of course, extremely speculative.

If the change in the Solar Year took place in 1114 BC, that would put the Start-Date at October 22nd, 3142 BC. It is just a guess as I am not sure of when the calendars changed, exactly, or the date of the years when it occurred. It could be a couple of years earlier or a couple later.

But it does give you an idea of the magnitude of the change it would create. As the year length alone had changed it is still the same number of days, just a different number of years, each five days shorter than the present time.

However, as I have said, it does not alter the End-Date in any degree.

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