Some Correlations of the Mayan Calendars

Where did the 260 days come from? One theorist says the year used to be that length before it jumped up to 360 days. But other than the Mayan usage, I cannot find evidence of such a thing. If I have overlooked it, I would welcome any illumination on it.

Others theorize that it is nothing more than the length of human gestation… that or the length of time it takes to cultivate maize. Both good guesses but one does not have to go to such lengths.

I have always thought the calendar had been built on celestial events, cosmological patterns. So, where does the 260 come from? I believe it is nothing more than a microcosm of the Long Count. Another example of the Mayan obsession with cycles-within-cycles.

The Long Count has thirteen baktuns of twenty katuns each. The Books of Chilam Balam show that the Mayan elders of the past had been able to assign meanings, prophecies to each of the katuns.

The other calendar they use as an augury, each day with a meaning, is the tzolkin. This augury calendar is 260 days in length, each day with a meaning.

Likewise, the Long Count of the Fifth Sun is 260 katuns in length, each katun with a meaning.

One is like the other and, I believe, the meanings in one are mirrored – albeit on a different scale – with the other.

Does the 260 have yet another meaning? Perhaps, but I haven’t found it.

So, from the larger cycle of 260 katuns, they might have noticed the cycle on the smaller scale as well. Or it could be that they noticed personal cycles ran a course of 260 days (probably linked to some celestial phenomena) before repeating. And this was expanded to the macroscale of the Long Count.

Just as many astrologers believe the emanations of the planets create effects on this planet, the Mayan see all source of energy stemming from the Sun. The Sun gives its own stamp to the Age – this one is the Earthquake Sun – and its energies control the movements of all the planets in its system. By studying the separate parts of the system and the timing cycles that are profiles of their character, the Maya could understand the entire Solar System.

The previous Sun had a different “personality” and a different set of cycles. I do not think the same Long Count calendar would have worked properly in that Sun Age, but then that is a personal opinion rather than something gleaned from the Mayan writings.

I am sure there are things we may never know… even after the Mayan Elders have revealed the last of their “secrets”.

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