Sinkhole de Maya

Someone asked me on Wednesday about the “sinkholes de Maya”. And I thought he was talking about the sacred cenotes, sunken waterholes utilized by the Maya for ritualistic purpose as well as for the life-sustaining water it offered.

He listened politely, nodding his understanding of what I said and, when I had finished he asked, but what is all the celebration about.

Celebration? Cenotes?

Oh, I said, you mean the Cinco de Mayo celebrations?

Yes, he said, isn’t that some Mexican holiday?

Actually, it is celebrated more in America than Mexico. A lot of people think it is the Mexican Independence Day but that falls on September 16th.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the day in 1862 when a small Mexican force defeated twice their number at the city of Puebla.

Agincourt, Waterloo, Moscow, Puebla – everyone seems to relish celebrating defeating the French.

I wonder if that means anything?

I hope everyone had a good Cinco.

(that is, if you celebrate that sort of thing)

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2 Responses to “Sinkhole de Maya”

  1. Carl Martin Says:

    I celebrate Cinco de Mayo for two reasons:

    1) Me gusto la comida Mexicana (I like Mexican food).

    2) It’s my birthday.

    Where I live now (Philippines), we don’t have much in the way of Mexican food (traditional or Americanized). Alas!

    I’ll try to keep a look out for that sinkhole, too.

  2. rsmarshal Says:

    It sounds like you have more to celebrate on the Cinco than most people, even those in Mexico.

    But, as with most people I know, any excuse to celebrate is an invitation too good to pass up.

    Not exactly sure how this relates to the Mayan End-Date, but it is another day to celebrate. Or should we wait until the 22nd of December to start the party?

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