Back to the Calendar

It has been a while since I last wrote anything here about the Mayans or their calendar.

I have been rather busy writing other books since the calendar volume was not selling. And I had thought the book would be a rather hot topic. Seems like I was wrong.

Anyway, I have been working on the novel that lead to the research on the calendar called Cycles: a Mayan Tale and it is coming along nicely but slowly.

Working a full time job and raising a family do not lend a lot of “spare time” for other, personal, things.

But we are now only seven days away from the fated year of 2012, I thought I would get a few more articles written that I had planned… before other things interrupted.

And if there are questions from anyone on the subject, please feel free to query, or comment, or do nothing other than read and enjoy.

I seriously doubt this blog will continue beyond 2012 – not because the world is going to end!! – because the interest in the subject will have wained.

Still we can have some fun until then.

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