A Super Bowl 2012 Tip of the Hat

On Super Sunday, it seems everything is really just about the football game.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a football fan and have been since Vince Lombardi was the coach at Green Bay.

I played on school teams and with neighbor teams whenever I could. After I got older and couldn’t move as fast, I reserved my love for the sport from the watching position alone. If I got hit one of these days, I probably wouldn’t get up even if the hitter was not much bigger than myself.

Still, as so many of the teams I don’t really care about seem to be making the “big game” these days, I find the commercials more interesting.

This year we have two very competent teams that I don’t really care about who have both won in recent years. Ho-hum.

Time to watch the commercials, for sure.

And I got a preview of a doozie! A Chevy Silverado commercial where the doomsday of 2012 hits the planet and from the midst of the rubble, the Silverado starts up and drives off.

Several streets later, the driver meets up with several buddies – all driving Silverados – and he gets out and looks around and says, “Where’s Dave?”

Another guy shakes his head and says, “He drove a Ford.”

Saddened the guy is comforted by another who offers him a twinkie.

Now, that’s what I like to see. Something substantive about the 2012 phenomena on primetime television.

It’s just a shame they had to waste the moment talking about pickup trucks.

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