End-Time Rebirth

Bolon Yokte K’u, is a Mayan god associated with war, conflict, and the Underworld. Despite his shady background, this fellow is also known as a Lord of Creation.

Pictured on a ceramic called Vessel of the Seven Lords, he is detailed among those actively creating the new Sun in the year we call 3114 BC, the beginning of our present 13-Baktun cycle.

I mentioned earlier the recently uncovered text from Tortuguero, a Classic Maya site north of Palenque, which mentions the End-Date of the current Long Count and pictures this fellow, Bolon Yokte acting in his role as Creation Lord.

One can only wonder why this reaper of souls would be hanging around at the time of new creation. Admittedly, the end of one age probably means some sort of upheaval and resulting destruction (especially when the Sun is called the Earthquake Sun) before the New Age is birthed, Phoenix-like from the ashes of the old.

Still, the great Bolon Yokte’s presence usually denotes a time of war, conflict and dominance of the Lords of the Underworld.

Hm, I think many people would say that pretty much sums up the world as we enter into 2012: war, conflict, and dominance by the robber barons… er, I mean the Lords of the Underworld.

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