Free Book Giveaway

I had hoped my volume about December 2012 would have been published before 2012, but that didn’t happen. Still, it was released with eleven months to go before it becomes obsolete. And there may even be people who will want to read it after 2012 to find out why the end did not come.


Anyway, the publisher – Martian Publishing – is having a book giveaway and offering all their books for free through Mothers’ Day.

All their publications are in digital format and can be downloaded in several different formats (all at no additional charge) so you can read my book on your computer or a myriad of hand-held devices.

If you are interested in a free copy of my book, 12-20-2012 – Our Last Golden Sunset?, go to, and view a free sample of the volume or click “buy” and enter the coupon code: BF53R.

The giveaway lasts through Mothers’ Day, so you’ve got a bit over a week to get the volume for free. After that it returns to the outrageous fee of $4.99.

They have other books being given away as well and if you are interested in any of those novels, there are free coupons listed on the publisher’s blog here at WordPress: A Different View (

I only ask that you make some comment on the book but that is not anything I can enforce.

At the very least, I hope you find the volume entertaining.

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