Plans for Christmas?

On the uncertain off-chance that the world does not come to a flying stop on Friday the 21st of December, I hope you have made some plans for Christmas.

And I sincerely hope they are a bit more in the spirit of the season than “hunkering down in your survival cave” to weather the coming “end of the world”. I am certain a lot of preppers and cataclysmic buffs are planning to get in just such “safe zones” on the 21st… You know, just in case there is something coming to spoil our Christmas. Something more than a Grinch, at least.

As I have said before, if the Mayan Calendar comes to an end with the event I have written about many times previously, the world will – by necessity – become changed but it will not come anywhere near actually ending.

And I fervently hope there will not be any of the bizarre behavior displayed before other, similar, panics.

Remember Y2K and how the world was going to come to a screeching halt when 1/1/2000 rolled around? Many people went out and bought many large ticket items anticipating the infrastructure to collapse and leave them much better off than they would have otherwise been.

Unfortunately, the world continued as usual and all those items had to be returned.

Jeez! What an embarrassment!

So don’t go on a shopping spree for this Christmas anticipating the end.

It is not likely, and you will be – like others before – more than just a little embarrassed.

Let’s all have a safe and happy holiday season and welcome the coming golden age the Mayan were really talking about.

Yeah… right…

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