And Nibiru is Next?

I saw an article recently about the recent discovery of an “orphan” planet.

This guy was floating out in space, a long way from any star, just tooling along by himself.

And it seems that it is not the only example of such. Astronomers are suddenly finding a lot of these orphaned planets floating around in the middle of nowhere.

How they got there was anybody’s guess. Did the star they were with simply die? Or had it exploded and sent the planet out into the void, to search for a new home?

Perhaps some other intruder had entered its solar system and passed too close, nudging the unlucky planet out of the system, herding it into the ink blackness between stars.

Or maybe the minions of Darth Vader had moved it away from its sun for other nefarious purposes.

No one knows but the possibilities are – if not limitless – at least wide open to surmise.

And that brings to mind the famous planet Nibiru, skirting our solar system in its 3,600 year orbit. Could it be like one of those orphaned worlds, seemingly floating out in the middle of nowhere but still locked into its extremely long orbit around our star?

Probably not, say the experts, but the universe keeps getting stranger and stranger… to us, anyway, as we discover more and more about it.

Of course, it is not that the universe is getting strange, it is just that what we are discovering does not quite fit into our model of what the structure of the universe is supposed to be.

But, then, what do we know, really?

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