Let’s Just Get a Little Real, Okay?

Okay, so they’ve found some orphan planets out there and, well, it just didn’t quite fit their mathematical model and its back to the drawing board on that one, huh?

Actually, it seems every year they discover more and more things that cannot be explained by current theory and rather than rework the mathematical construct of how the universe actually works – which, I understand, would be one heck of a lot of work – they spend more money on bigger and better telescopes and deep-space arrays to learn even more about the universe that they have to cobble onto their construct.

Recent forays into the realms of cosmology and cosmic mechanics have shown that they still have not cleared up several anomalies they found decades ago. There are theories about how galaxies form and the levels of energies that maintain their spiral forms. And interesting photo from years ago showed two galaxies apparently passing through each other. With the universal forces moving steadily outward from the point of the big bang, how did two of these fellows turn into each other at a ninety degree angle?

And then there was the remnant of another such accident found elsewhere: the lower portion of one galactic arm had been severed off and was floating at some remove from the galaxy. You could see the wounded galaxy, one of its limbs cut off. Nearby was the limb that had been cut. The really interesting thing about this was that the limb was apparently intact and still holding its shape – being a mirror image of the galaxy’s remaining limb.

Why was there no sight of the purported galaxy that had passed through this one to cause the severed limb? And why was the limb still so perfect? There seemed no ravages of the tremendous forces that had separated it from its body… no string of stars stretching back from the wound… nothing. It could have been photo-shopped, it was so perfect. But this was years before that particular program existed.

Our understanding of the infinite cosmos – despite assurances to the contrary by the prominent lights of the field like the late Dr. Carl Sagan – is not really very complete at all. The ostracized heretic, Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky seemed to have a far better grasp of what was going on that his detractors. Sure, his theories had some flaws in it but it deserved a better hearing than it got.

And seeing how much farther today we are getting (and it gets further everyday) from understanding the cosmos isn’t it time to get a little real and just admit our monumental lack of understanding?

It might work better than the usual egotistic posturing.

Sorry for the ranting.

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3 Responses to “Let’s Just Get a Little Real, Okay?”

  1. marksackler Says:

    In my humble opinion, part of the great wonder of science is the realization of how much there is about the universe we don’t know. As Haldane said, it’s not only stranger than we suppose, it is stranger than we can suppose…

    • rsmarshal Says:


      I visited your Millennium Conjectures and realized that the universe may actually NOT be stranger than you can suppose.

      You’ve got some wild (and funny) suppositions.

      Thanks for the uplifting comment.

  2. Roland Says:

    Saved as a favorite, I like your website!

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