Cleaning Out the Notes

After researching the subject of the Mayan Calendar for several years, I have a huge pile of notes, books, and so forth, and I have been cleaning it up as the run up to the end of the calendar is almost over.

One thing I came across was a note I seem to have missed mentioning elsewhere. And – believe me! – I have had a lot of threads that have fallen through the cracks on this journey.

Some were easily overlooked but this one I probably should have included somewhere.

Beyond 2012 by Geoff Stray, was another small and rather bland work on the End-Date of the Mayan Calendar. Most of the stuff he had was simple regurgitation of other writers – primarily John Major Jenkins – adding nothing of substance to the general study, and would have quickly been forgotten but for one item.

On p.107, he says Velikovsky had assigned the birth of Venus to 1500 BC (without any reference or footnote) and so it does not coincide with the Mayan Calendar. I read further but could not find any mention of where he got the notion but he referenced only Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collission in his bibliography. (I had assumed he got the data from one of the many articles Velikovsky published… many of whom I do not have access to.)

So I took out my dog-earred copy of Velikovsky’s opus and checked for myself.

Stray got it wrong.

Velikovsky said the earliest “close encounter” with Venus occurred at 1500 BC but because of its earlier “birth from Jupiter” and erratic motions, it had been watched carefully by the ancients. But it did not actually enter our “history” until 1500 BC. The author does not date the “birth” of the planet.

The careful watching of Venus is why so many ancient cultures kept lists of the movements of the planet. The vast majority of those lists that have survived were compiled after Venus became regular in its motion… though there are texts that scientists cannot quite make sense of (see Velikovsky’s work for more details or the works of Alfred DeGrazia, free on the internet).

It is easy to see why Stray made the error but strange that he would not also reference where he came up with the data that would be used as the lynch-pin for his hypothesis that Velikovsky was wrong.

But that seems about par for a lot of the slip-shod scholarship on this subject.

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2 Responses to “Cleaning Out the Notes”

  1. John Ackerman Says:

    Velikovsky believed a close encounter with Venus occurred at the time of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. This came primarily from the notion in the Bible that the sky was low with clouds during the entire 40 years that they wandered in the desert – the smoke being from the comet-like Venus.
    Elsewhere Velikovsky posits,that close passes of proto-Venus actually overturned the Earth two times. I believe this was based on Plato’s story of world-overturnings related by Egyptian priests to Solon the Greek. Obviously the overtunings, which destroyed most animal life on Earth, could not have occurred at the time of the Exodus. I suggest that Genesis 1:2 (tohu and bohu) is a description of the Earth just after the Venus overturnings..

    • rsmarshal Says:

      Yes, that is what I got from the sources as well. The close pass at the exodus was a visitation of the horned proto-planet Venus (one of several) and not “the birth”.

      Thanks for the comment!

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