One Time Offering!!

Actually, seeing as this is being posted up on the web for all time (or so) it is not so exclusive as I make it out to be.

This is the book I wrote several years ago and tried to publish (many times) without much success until the beginning of this year.

12•20•2012; Our Last Golden Sunset?

If you have not had a chance to purchase a copy before now… well, it will very quickly become a “useless” volume of prophecy, one way or another. So, I cannot imagine the sales will be skyrocketing any time soon.

So, I am going to post the entire volume (except for the footnotes, bibliography, and appendices) on this blog, starting tomorrow, a chapter a day.

The project has been a lot of fun and I have met many interesting people on the journey but after two years of intense research, a year writing, and five years promoting the volume, I am ready to move on to other endeavors, other books, other subjects.

I hope you enjoy the volume and can take something away from it.

As always, any questions will be cheerfully answered.

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