Another Pleasant but Chilly Friday

Here we are, the end of the universe (as we know it)… according to some.

I keep thinking that if the end is here, can I somehow get to the bar at the end of the universe like in the “Hitchhiker’s Guide” book?

And no matter what the day brings, a normal workday leading to a few Christmas shopping stops before getting home, or an extended weekend to prepare for the Christmas holidays, or the Sun going out at 7:38 AM EST, there will be a tomorrow, and a day after that, and… so forth.

Even though the Maya never said the world was coming to an end or the universe was screeching to a halt, there have been some (many!) who have claimed that is what the “dire” portents were all about. Many are probably getting depressed about the coming end. Many preppers are set to weather whatever is thrown at them.

Whatever comes on this day is unknown before hand but we should always be prepared for the unexpected on every day we are given. There has never been a day that turned out perfect in every respect – nor will there ever be one. The ups and downs that visit our daily sojourn may differ one day to the next but there will always be the ups and downs. Every tribulation is an opportunity, every curse a blessing, every problem another chance to overcome the odds.

Enjoy the weekend, whatever it may bring, and spend the holiday season with your family rejoicing in the wonder of the world around us, and prepare to face the new year rapidly approaching.

Soon 2012 will fall away to memory and we can all open a new calendar, labeled “2013”.

And the Mayans can start their new calendar as well, another hefty 5,125 years worth, or whatever timeframe they decide to choose this time.

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