The End Date

Well, seems like nothing happened, huh? And rather than jump to conclusions and say the Mayans led us astray, let’s take another look at the end date, which we came up with, not the Mayans. Maybe our correlation was wrong. There might be other options…

Sure, Calleman gave us the end date as sometime in OCtober last year but the GMT correlation gives the 21st of Dec. 2012 as the terminus.

Lounsbury’s correlation was 2 days later, and it is the system Linda Schele preferred. Still, the 23rd of December does not give us much reprieve from Doomsday, does it?

But those aren’t the only choices we have. Here’s a few others: Dec.11th, 1614 (Willson); Nov.5th,1734 (Smiley); May 28th, 1776 (Dinsmoor); Aug.27th, 1936 (Stock); and the more current ones Dec.18th, 19th, 21st, 23rd (Goodman, Martinez-Hernandez, GMT, Lounsbury); and those in the future Nov.11th, 2024 (Pogo); May 3rd, 2259 (Kreichgauer); and the rest go even further into the future, all the way to Aug.12th, 2532.

So, if you are disappointed that nothing happens on this “proposed ending date”, you can just hitch your star to the next, on Dec.23rd. And if that one is wrong, well, we still have another one coming up in a dozen years.

And if that one is wrong as well, there are still options enough for your children and grandchildren – and so forth – to share in the fun and excitement of anticipating the end of the world!!

My! What fun!

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