the Future of the Past

Where will the Mayan Calendar studies go now that the apocalyptic furor is over?

I would imagine that the furor will have died down immediately for the apocalyptic crowd. For the majority of followers of the 2012 phenomenon – meaning those who support the view of John Major Jenkins and the general malaise of universal spiritual awareness descending on the world – I can imagine that the apparent disregard of the universe in actually raising our collective spiritual awarenesses will cause the followers to lose interest in droves and go off in search of the “next big” enlightenment forthcoming… of whatever stripe or derivation it may be.

The 2012 phenomenon has had quite a run. After being “discovered” toward the end of the last century, the adherents have had plenty of time to milk that heifer bone dry. Some people made a little money off the movement, some made a lot of money off the movement, and most people could have cared less other than a momentary passing interest.

The movement never did go “mainstream”.

Thank goodness!

So, the Mayan Calendar studies can be turned back over to the people who have done most of the work in the area for most of a century – the archaeologists – and the rest of us can pack up our tents, roll up the bedrolls, and move along. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

And, somewhere down the line, some historian will uncover another piece of history and produce the perfect storm in Mayan calendrics, and we will finally know what the heck they were getting at.

But it will be accomplished without the meddling New-Agers mucking things up.

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