12/20 – the sequel

A Mayan stone calendar

Well, it has been an interesting year since “the end of the world” or something like that.

Many of the Maya prophets were expecting the “actual end” to fall on the end-date of the tzolkin in which 12/20/12 occurred, which would have been March 31st, 2013.

But nothing happened then either.

So the end of the next tzolkin was looked at and that would be yesterday, the first-aversary of the original end-date.

The day is over and it certainly does not look like anything untoward happened.

As much good work as the Maya put into their wonderful calendar, it seems to have proven to be flawed in some regard. And as a predictive tool it is found to be a bit short in effectiveness.

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One Response to “12/20 – the sequel”

  1. Angiras Says:

    The illustration is actually two calendars. The days around the periphery number 360, while the five ‘bad days’ are inserted inside the circle. The 360 day calendar measured the days during the (14.4 year) periods in which Mars orbited (geostationary) the earth, tidally linked to the Himalayas – its extra moment slowing the rotation of the system. Each time it was released into its planetary orbit, the Earth reverted to its normal rotation 365 days/year, where it remained for 15.6 years. This 30-year cycle was repeated 100 times until 687 BC, at which date Mars solid iron core, Mercury went into the inner solar system and its outer shell collapsed in on itself and drifted out to become the ‘planet’ Mars. The Maya lived through this as did all ancient cultures and as a result knew more about the solar system than all the modern-day scientists.
    cycliccatastrophism dot org.

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