Not Just Another End-of-the-World Guru

Like most 2012 authors, I have no degree in Mesoamerican History. I am an accountant by trade but an avid student of history, both ancient and modern.

Astrology and the study of cycles has been a hobby of mine for decades and drew my interest to the Maya Calendar studies, which I have followed for many years. After reading The Maya Factor by José Argüelles in 1990, I began a novel about the Maya and their development of the calendar through the study of cycles.

What most surprised me was that none of the authors or web-writers on the subject arrived at the conclusions I had formulated. What the Maya meant seemed quite easy to understand and it took me some time to comprehend why it seemed hidden to so many.

The Maya told us quite distinctly what was in store for the world in 2012. Why no one seemed to “get it” became the subject of a non-fiction book, 12 • 20 • 2012; Our Last Golden Sunset?. As the book could generate no interest to agents or publishers, I have decided to distribute the data on this blog.

Perhaps it can open a dialog and, through discussion, the message of the Maya will not be lost.

My interpretation may be wrong. Others might have data I have overlooked. But we’ll never know until a dialog is opened.

[Author of the book 12-20-2012; Our Last Golden Sunset? available in digital and print formats, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble among others.]

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