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One Time Offering!!

December 8, 2012

Actually, seeing as this is being posted up on the web for all time (or so) it is not so exclusive as I make it out to be.

This is the book I wrote several years ago and tried to publish (many times) without much success until the beginning of this year.

12•20•2012; Our Last Golden Sunset?

If you have not had a chance to purchase a copy before now… well, it will very quickly become a “useless” volume of prophecy, one way or another. So, I cannot imagine the sales will be skyrocketing any time soon.

So, I am going to post the entire volume (except for the footnotes, bibliography, and appendices) on this blog, starting tomorrow, a chapter a day.

The project has been a lot of fun and I have met many interesting people on the journey but after two years of intense research, a year writing, and five years promoting the volume, I am ready to move on to other endeavors, other books, other subjects.

I hope you enjoy the volume and can take something away from it.

As always, any questions will be cheerfully answered.

Cleaning Out the Notes

December 5, 2012

After researching the subject of the Mayan Calendar for several years, I have a huge pile of notes, books, and so forth, and I have been cleaning it up as the run up to the end of the calendar is almost over.

One thing I came across was a note I seem to have missed mentioning elsewhere. And – believe me! – I have had a lot of threads that have fallen through the cracks on this journey.

Some were easily overlooked but this one I probably should have included somewhere.

Beyond 2012 by Geoff Stray, was another small and rather bland work on the End-Date of the Mayan Calendar. Most of the stuff he had was simple regurgitation of other writers – primarily John Major Jenkins – adding nothing of substance to the general study, and would have quickly been forgotten but for one item.

On p.107, he says Velikovsky had assigned the birth of Venus to 1500 BC (without any reference or footnote) and so it does not coincide with the Mayan Calendar. I read further but could not find any mention of where he got the notion but he referenced only Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collission in his bibliography. (I had assumed he got the data from one of the many articles Velikovsky published… many of whom I do not have access to.)

So I took out my dog-earred copy of Velikovsky’s opus and checked for myself.

Stray got it wrong.

Velikovsky said the earliest “close encounter” with Venus occurred at 1500 BC but because of its earlier “birth from Jupiter” and erratic motions, it had been watched carefully by the ancients. But it did not actually enter our “history” until 1500 BC. The author does not date the “birth” of the planet.

The careful watching of Venus is why so many ancient cultures kept lists of the movements of the planet. The vast majority of those lists that have survived were compiled after Venus became regular in its motion… though there are texts that scientists cannot quite make sense of (see Velikovsky’s work for more details or the works of Alfred DeGrazia, free on the internet).

It is easy to see why Stray made the error but strange that he would not also reference where he came up with the data that would be used as the lynch-pin for his hypothesis that Velikovsky was wrong.

But that seems about par for a lot of the slip-shod scholarship on this subject.

And Nibiru is Next?

December 1, 2012

I saw an article recently about the recent discovery of an “orphan” planet.

This guy was floating out in space, a long way from any star, just tooling along by himself.

And it seems that it is not the only example of such. Astronomers are suddenly finding a lot of these orphaned planets floating around in the middle of nowhere.

How they got there was anybody’s guess. Did the star they were with simply die? Or had it exploded and sent the planet out into the void, to search for a new home?

Perhaps some other intruder had entered its solar system and passed too close, nudging the unlucky planet out of the system, herding it into the ink blackness between stars.

Or maybe the minions of Darth Vader had moved it away from its sun for other nefarious purposes.

No one knows but the possibilities are – if not limitless – at least wide open to surmise.

And that brings to mind the famous planet Nibiru, skirting our solar system in its 3,600 year orbit. Could it be like one of those orphaned worlds, seemingly floating out in the middle of nowhere but still locked into its extremely long orbit around our star?

Probably not, say the experts, but the universe keeps getting stranger and stranger… to us, anyway, as we discover more and more about it.

Of course, it is not that the universe is getting strange, it is just that what we are discovering does not quite fit into our model of what the structure of the universe is supposed to be.

But, then, what do we know, really?

Less than Four Weeks and Counting…

November 26, 2012

That is, if you are one of those who’s bothering to count.

Less than four weeks from now, the election will be old news, Christmas holidays will have started for most people, and it will be the day AFTER the end-of-the-world.

Hm, I wonder what I’ll be getting for Christmas this year?

The Mayan Calendar will have come to its final day and on the 22nd of December, four weeks from now, the New Calendar will begin.

Not the end of the world, just the end of the calendar.

And, of course, most of the 2012 websites will slowly fade, vanishing from the internet vistas, and I will probably see a large reduction of interest in both this blog as well as sales of my book 12-20-2012; Our Last Golden Sunset? but that sort of thing is to be expected.

Then the groundskeepers will come in and clean up all the litter left lying around… that sort of thing.

But the question for many people who were not the thrillseekers-of-the-new-millenium will wonder what the heck the Mayans were talking about. Perhaps Carlos Barrios or another of the Mayan Council will release a new book to tell us what was really going on, if they even know.

Perhaps cooler heads will prevail and begin to look at what the Maya were really talking about. Believe me, it’s not that complicated.

They told us right up front what their story, their calendar, all the hoopla was really all about.

So, perhaps we should look at the possibility of a new correlation…

That is, if nothing really happens on the 21st of December.

Plans for Christmas?

November 24, 2012

On the uncertain off-chance that the world does not come to a flying stop on Friday the 21st of December, I hope you have made some plans for Christmas.

And I sincerely hope they are a bit more in the spirit of the season than “hunkering down in your survival cave” to weather the coming “end of the world”. I am certain a lot of preppers and cataclysmic buffs are planning to get in just such “safe zones” on the 21st… You know, just in case there is something coming to spoil our Christmas. Something more than a Grinch, at least.

As I have said before, if the Mayan Calendar comes to an end with the event I have written about many times previously, the world will – by necessity – become changed but it will not come anywhere near actually ending.

And I fervently hope there will not be any of the bizarre behavior displayed before other, similar, panics.

Remember Y2K and how the world was going to come to a screeching halt when 1/1/2000 rolled around? Many people went out and bought many large ticket items anticipating the infrastructure to collapse and leave them much better off than they would have otherwise been.

Unfortunately, the world continued as usual and all those items had to be returned.

Jeez! What an embarrassment!

So don’t go on a shopping spree for this Christmas anticipating the end.

It is not likely, and you will be – like others before – more than just a little embarrassed.

Let’s all have a safe and happy holiday season and welcome the coming golden age the Mayan were really talking about.

Yeah… right…

Under the Wire

April 1, 2012

I started toying with the idea of writing a novel about the Mayan obsession with time while I was in college. Being in statistical studies drew me to their use of cycles and, naturally, to study their calendar.

Years later, after raising a family and getting established in my career, I had time to turn to that subject again and I started looking for research materials for the novel.

That’s when I first encountered the “2012 Phenomenon”.

Astonished, I went through the books by Argüelles, Jenkins, Calleman, and a couple of dozen other writers and could not believe the interpretations they were giving to the Calendar, its End-Date, its purpose and the motivations of its creators.

It seemed as if they were studying something completely foreign to me, so I delved deep in the subject for a time until I understood a bit better about what was going on.

Then, naturally, I thought I should write a book about it and show a different perspective on the subject.

Well, that did not seem to go anywhere.

That was in 2007 and I started blogging about the subject, moving over to WordPress in 2009 and continued. I landed a radio interview three years ago and several nibbles from literary agents.

Apparently, even Bear and Company – who published most of the books on the 2012 Phenomenon – were not interested in anything other than the spiritualistic view of the Mayan Calendar.

Then 2012 finally arrived and my volume was still sitting on the shelf, awaiting publication. When a book is sold, it generally takes 12-18 months to reach the market. And my volume was beyond the point of being “marketable” because of the timing.

Self-publishing was an option that I could not consider because it took money and I don’t have superfluous resources lying around. But then I heard of Kindle. Digitally self-publish.

And so, my volume is finally done and on the market over at Amazon.

And, no, I don’t expect it to be any sort of bestseller. I don’t think the other writers in this field have made any substantial amount of money from this niche market either.

Still, it was something I thought needed to be said, and it is out there if anyone is interested.

And now I have time for other things.

Hmm, maybe I’ll write that novel now…

the Golden Enlightenment snake oil salesmen

January 7, 2012

Of all the theories about 2012, the one that tempts me most is the one about universal enlightenment and the coming Golden Age. Most of the authors and websites are backing this horse. And it is a very attractive entry. A peaceful change, a healthy change, a beneficial change to all of mankind as we head into a brighter, more user-friendly future.

Yes, I really like that theory. If only…

Unfortunately, I have seen this snake-oil salesman before.

Only in the 1960’s they hitched it to the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Same shtick, different date. They called for more peace, love, and understanding and all I’ve seen is more war, hate, and destruction. So far, Aquarius is not my cup of tea.

Of course, many now tell us the “actual” Age of Aquarius has not come yet, so there is still some time for the “universal enlightenment” to descend upon us. They tell us that the real Aquarian time is not due to start for a century or more. And yet some prophets have now pegged the start to December 21st, 2012. How convenient, huh?

Back in the day, there were many more people proclaiming the coming Golden Age than those predicting the end of the world. So, now, the 2012 phenomenon has given both sides a chance to renew their campaign of hope (or doom, as the case may be).

Even with all the primary writers on the 2012 phenomenon pulling for this scenario – and though John Major Jenkins, Jose Argüelles, and Carl Calleman may differ on major points, on this one they are still unified – this is to my mind the least likely of all the scenarios. Why? Well, let’s just say I have studied enough of human history to know what mankind would do with such “enlightenment”. Not being cynical, just being a realist. Without some basic understanding of what the enlightenment would mean, I do not see much impetus for people to change.

I would much prefer the Spiritual Convergence descending on us but the evidence for it is mighty slim. What evidence is offered? All the prophets for this angle merely state that the Maya were spiritual. That may be, but what exactly does that mean? What does that prove?

Unfortunately, not much.

And we are once again left where we were, like in the ’60’s with the love beads, the flower power, and nothing but a slim hope of universal enlightenment.

The End of the World… Again

December 31, 2011

Harold Camping, a radio evangelist, made a bit of news recently by predicting the world was going to end… on May 21st, 2011.

As this entry is being entered after that date, we can assume it did not come to pass.

Actually, he was predicting the “rapture” would occur on that date and the world of those left behind would go through a series of tribulation until Oct. 2011 when the real final day would come.

So, May 21st was only important for those being raptured.

It was the Oct. 21st date that was going to be the Big One. So, everyone could get ready (once again) for the end of the world!!

Far be it from me to point out that this learned preacher also predicted the end of the world for September 1994. He was off by quite a bit, there.

What really is most intriguing about this new date he has set, Oct. 21, 2011, is exactly one week before the date Carl Calleman has set for the true End Date of the Mayan Calendar: Oct. 28, 2011.

So, it looked like John Major Jenkins and the remainder of the 2012 gurus were going to be upstaged by the radio evangelist and Calleman?


I did not hold my breath for either date.

And not even for Dec. 21st, 2012.

The Mayans were never talking about the end of the world even though we seem to be obsessed with wanting it to end.

And from the rate we are progressing, I don’t see much of that “gradual enlightenment” John Major Jenkins is always talking about, either.

If we studied a little harder, we might actually begin to make some sense of this subject.

Or shall we continue wallowing in non-sense?

the Mayan End Date

January 2, 2010

As I have said before, the Mayan Calendar End-Date was for a specific phenomenon, why else would the Maya point out a specific date rather than an era. And as the Mayans had studied cycles for many years, it must be something that is cyclic in nature, something that had happened before, something they felt was going to happen again according to a chronology they could calculate.

What cycles did they use to make this determination? From their mythologies – primarily cosmological in nature (like most ancient cultures) – they were most interested in the motions of the planets. They saw something in the motions that they could use to predict… well, whatever it was they feared would recur.

Could it have been an age of enlightenment coming as José Argüelles, John Major Jenkins, and Carl Johan Calleman, among many others, predict? Of course, it is possible, but how did we get lost from the last age of enlightenment?

That is not explained by any of these authors, but they do not seem to think it had happened before. From the Mayan writings, this was apparently something that had happened before and was planned on repeating. Were we going to get enlightened and lose it again, apparently as we were supposed to have done before? Perhaps enlightenment was not the event they were foretelling.

Could the Maya have been thinking of some sort of doomsday scenario, like an impact from a comet, meteor, or black hole? Certainly, it would be a very singular event that could signal the end of the calendric period. But, again, as the Maya seem to have built their calendar on studies of cycles, what possible cyclic recurring doomsday can they have foreseen? Are errant comets/meteors/black holes that predictable?

Or could the planet Nibiru going to be the culprit? Zechariah Sitchin, proponent and creator of this theory, stated that the mystery planet returned very cyclically every 3,600 years. But he reiterates that 2012 is most definitely not the return date.

Nibiru would already be visible to our telescopes if it was arriving ahead of Sitchin’s timetable but nowhere do we find any evidence of its approach. I have seen websites that claim it will become visible to the naked eye by May of 2010. Videos on Youtube claim it is already visible.

Confusing, huh? But none of that has anything to do with the mystery planet. Just ask Zechariah Sitchin.

And that leaves us with nothing to do but scratch our heads. What scenario would fit what the Maya have predicted with their marvelous calendar, if anything?

Let’s see… they claimed each age ended with something involving the Sun, each new age was called a new Sun, and as the Sun is the energy source dominating the Solar System, perhaps they noticed the cycles of the planets were somehow resonating with something about the Sun. (Just an hypothesis here.)

And the Sun? They claimed each new age was a new Sun, which means 2012 has something to do with the Sun. So my theory is that something will happen to the Sun in 2012. Of course, nothing may happen to the Sun but I think it is what the Mayans thought.

It is known that 2012 will bring a very active period to the Sun, specifically in regard to sunspots. So, what if the sunspots went completely overboard? What if they covered a large portion of the Solar disk so that the Sun appeared extremely dimmed?

When the sunspots eventually disappeared in the past it must have seemed that the Sun had been born again, hence a new Sun Age.

If anyone else has another theory that makes more sense, I would love to hear it.

I could be wrong. And the Mayans might be wrong as well.

Atlantis II

December 29, 2009

Atlantis was a continent in the midst of the Atlantic – beyond the pillars of Hercules, according to Plato, and extending to the island of Bimini, according to Edgar Cayce – which was destroyed in a cataclysm in the ancient past. Plato claims it disappeared 9,000 years before his writing (he died 328BC) and Cayce claimed it vanished around 8500-9000BC.

The timing of its destruction is of interest to me in relation to the Mayan Calendar studies. If the Sun had gone out in 3114BC as the Maya claimed and the previous age lasted 5,026 years as the Aztecs recorded, the Sun would have gone out twice since the destruction of Atlantis.

I had at first wondered if the destruction of Atlantis was related to the Solar Cycle but the numbers are not exact. From the Aztec records the age preceding our current one lasted 5,026 years. 3114 + 5026 puts the previous Sun ending at 8140 BC.

So, either Cayce and Plato were wrong or Atlantis’ destruction has nothing to do with the other event. But the numbers are all “fairly” close that I wonder if the events were not somehow linked. Perhaps we’ll never know.

According to Otto Muck, Atlantis’ destruction was caused by the agent many assign with the 2012 End-Date: a meteor. His theory has a large meteor enter the atmosphere and descend over the east coast of the United States to plunge into the Caribbean basin near a fault line. The shifting along the fault line then caused Atlantis to sink. His book the Secret of Atlantis is a fascinating read but it has nothing to do with the Maya dilemma.

And if the destruction of Atlantis was connected to the Solar event preceding the start of the present Sun, why is there no monumental events noted for the ending of the previous Sun. I cannot find any record of mass destruction surrounding the 3114BC event. One would expect that if the memory of Atlantis’ demise was so well remembered, something similar would have been recalled for 3114BC but I have not found it.

So, though it would be nice to connect the two events, I don’t think it bears scrutiny. And it still leaves us to wonder what exactly will occur if the Sun does go out.

At least I am fairly certain it does not mean any continents will sink.

But the Maya did say this was the “Earthquake Sun”. We have had earthquakes throughout recorded history including some with disastrous consequences. It is generally assumed that the Maya End-Date will bring an “end to the world as we know it”, so what will the extent of the earthquakes going to be?

Tsunamis will probably wreak havoc on the coastal cities. As well as those nearby. Edgar Cayce had said Virginia Beach would be safe (so his foundation is located there) but, as it in on the coast, I wonder if it will be unscathed.

Large cities would definitely take a beating but it might not have any effect on the rural areas having very few buildings rising higher than a single level. There might be mountains forming where none had existed before (unlike the slow and steady mountain building geologic ages they theorize happened in the past) but we won’t know until – and if – December of 2012.

But I don’t imagine we’ll see any continents sink. At least, I hope it’s not the one I am on.