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A Thought On Ancient Cave Art

November 6, 2012

Most people see the cave drawings of hunters bringing down a mammoth and think that was what the cave dwellers usually did.

I don’t see it that way.

We look across the internet today and see many blogs with people posting pictures of their fabulous vacations, impressive purchases, or things that amaze them.

Rarely do we see pictures of the commonplace. How often have you taken a camera to work to picture yourself doing the same old grind?

No one does.

Neither did the caveman.

The time it took to make the inks and pigments and put the pictures up precludes it being graffiti. It was memorializing some great event, not a commonplace.

The ancients may differ from us in so many ways but I think at the heart of the matter they were very human, exactly as we are today.

They were not stupid, just technologically handicapped compared to us. In the essence though they were not so very different than the people today.

By studying the art, we can understand what amazed them, what confounded them, what they thought was immeasurably important.

Just like our social networking today.

We have to adjust our thinking a little to understand what they pictured and why, but it is not really that much of a quantum leap, is it?

Though the centuries have brought many changes, people are still – basically – people.

So we have to examine the ancient artwork of the Mayans in the same regard. They pictured what was remarkable, commemorated the unusual, displayed mysteries uncovered of things that astounded them.

If it was anything less, they would not have bothered.