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Dragons in Myth

February 8, 2012

Many historians I have read over the ages that talk about dragons only being a mythical creature as evidenced by the prevalence of ancients calling comets “dragons”.

Yes, certainly, the comets do resemble dragons, flying around in the sky with their long tails.

But where would the people get the notion that comets resembled dragons if they did not have something more concrete to base it on.

Dragons cannot have originated in comets or the people would say “Hey, that thing up there looks just like itself!”

They try to find some tangible thing they know about to describe what they see in the sky.

If the myth of the dragon began with a comet, how could people choose to describe it as… well, itself?

Of course, I suppose that one generation could have seen a comet and created the idea that it was some mythical beast and start calling it a dragon so that later generations could see the thing in the sky and call it a dragon, but it seems a stretch.

But maybe not.

Who knows for certain, but I think the legends of dragons speak more about what has been lost than what has merely been imagined.

Besides, why would peoples all around the world speak of the same creature without any prior knowledge of such? You’d think that someone would call it something else, but no, it seems it reminds everyone of dragons.

Makes you wonder about where the myths really started, huh?