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And Nibiru is Next?

December 1, 2012

I saw an article recently about the recent discovery of an “orphan” planet.

This guy was floating out in space, a long way from any star, just tooling along by himself.

And it seems that it is not the only example of such. Astronomers are suddenly finding a lot of these orphaned planets floating around in the middle of nowhere.

How they got there was anybody’s guess. Did the star they were with simply die? Or had it exploded and sent the planet out into the void, to search for a new home?

Perhaps some other intruder had entered its solar system and passed too close, nudging the unlucky planet out of the system, herding it into the ink blackness between stars.

Or maybe the minions of Darth Vader had moved it away from its sun for other nefarious purposes.

No one knows but the possibilities are – if not limitless – at least wide open to surmise.

And that brings to mind the famous planet Nibiru, skirting our solar system in its 3,600 year orbit. Could it be like one of those orphaned worlds, seemingly floating out in the middle of nowhere but still locked into its extremely long orbit around our star?

Probably not, say the experts, but the universe keeps getting stranger and stranger… to us, anyway, as we discover more and more about it.

Of course, it is not that the universe is getting strange, it is just that what we are discovering does not quite fit into our model of what the structure of the universe is supposed to be.

But, then, what do we know, really?

the Mayan End Date

January 2, 2010

As I have said before, the Mayan Calendar End-Date was for a specific phenomenon, why else would the Maya point out a specific date rather than an era. And as the Mayans had studied cycles for many years, it must be something that is cyclic in nature, something that had happened before, something they felt was going to happen again according to a chronology they could calculate.

What cycles did they use to make this determination? From their mythologies – primarily cosmological in nature (like most ancient cultures) – they were most interested in the motions of the planets. They saw something in the motions that they could use to predict… well, whatever it was they feared would recur.

Could it have been an age of enlightenment coming as José Argüelles, John Major Jenkins, and Carl Johan Calleman, among many others, predict? Of course, it is possible, but how did we get lost from the last age of enlightenment?

That is not explained by any of these authors, but they do not seem to think it had happened before. From the Mayan writings, this was apparently something that had happened before and was planned on repeating. Were we going to get enlightened and lose it again, apparently as we were supposed to have done before? Perhaps enlightenment was not the event they were foretelling.

Could the Maya have been thinking of some sort of doomsday scenario, like an impact from a comet, meteor, or black hole? Certainly, it would be a very singular event that could signal the end of the calendric period. But, again, as the Maya seem to have built their calendar on studies of cycles, what possible cyclic recurring doomsday can they have foreseen? Are errant comets/meteors/black holes that predictable?

Or could the planet Nibiru going to be the culprit? Zechariah Sitchin, proponent and creator of this theory, stated that the mystery planet returned very cyclically every 3,600 years. But he reiterates that 2012 is most definitely not the return date.

Nibiru would already be visible to our telescopes if it was arriving ahead of Sitchin’s timetable but nowhere do we find any evidence of its approach. I have seen websites that claim it will become visible to the naked eye by May of 2010. Videos on Youtube claim it is already visible.

Confusing, huh? But none of that has anything to do with the mystery planet. Just ask Zechariah Sitchin.

And that leaves us with nothing to do but scratch our heads. What scenario would fit what the Maya have predicted with their marvelous calendar, if anything?

Let’s see… they claimed each age ended with something involving the Sun, each new age was called a new Sun, and as the Sun is the energy source dominating the Solar System, perhaps they noticed the cycles of the planets were somehow resonating with something about the Sun. (Just an hypothesis here.)

And the Sun? They claimed each new age was a new Sun, which means 2012 has something to do with the Sun. So my theory is that something will happen to the Sun in 2012. Of course, nothing may happen to the Sun but I think it is what the Mayans thought.

It is known that 2012 will bring a very active period to the Sun, specifically in regard to sunspots. So, what if the sunspots went completely overboard? What if they covered a large portion of the Solar disk so that the Sun appeared extremely dimmed?

When the sunspots eventually disappeared in the past it must have seemed that the Sun had been born again, hence a new Sun Age.

If anyone else has another theory that makes more sense, I would love to hear it.

I could be wrong. And the Mayans might be wrong as well.

2012 – the Return of Nibiru… NOT

December 19, 2009

This is actually a bit misleading as many of you may already know. For those of you unfamiliar with the work of Zecharia Sitchin, he was the proposer of a novel theory in which ancient aliens were the gods of Sumeria, an ancient Mid-East nation. I will not get into the debate over his interpretations of the ancient texts but will comment on his theory about the aliens’ planet Nibiru – on an elongated orbit, returning every 3,600 years – making its return: it will not be coming in the year 2012.

Even Sitchin does not believe Nibiru is coming for 2012. In fact, he has come out to say most emphatically it is NOT connected with the End-Date of the Maya Calendar.

However, many of his followers are still of the opinion that it IS coming on that date, the return being predicted by the Maya. Exactly where in the Maya literature this prediction is made is never disclosed but it stands as another theory regardless. But what it might mean to our planet – aside from being overrun by egomaniacal aliens – is not clearly outlined either.

Like I mentioned in the previous article on comets and black holes, large stellar objects coming at such a far remove take a very long time to get anywhere. Our telescopes are sophisticated enough to determine their approach years in advance.

Comets of a decade ago are still in transit out of our solar system, being tracked yet by astronomers.

With that sort of time scale to work with, something as large as the planet Nibiru will become visible a decade before it reaches us.

And we no longer have a decade between us and the Mayan Calendar End-Date.

Three years to go, as of the day after tomorrow. By this time, Nibiru should even be visible to the naked eye in the night sky.

I believe it is as Sitchin says: we will have to wait several centuries before Nibiru makes its 3,600 year return.

the Return of Nibiru

July 12, 2009

If you are unfamiliar with the Nibiru, I invite you to search out the works and article online about Zecharia Sitchin. His theories have been called “far-fetched” by many but it is fascinating reading nonetheless. And he makes a lot of correlations that make sense.

He supposes that there was a large planet on an extended orbit around our Sun called “Nibiru” and its orbit is supposed to be something like 3,600 years.

Many of his followers have theorized that the return of Nibiru will coincide with the End-Date of the Mayan Calendar: December 21, 2012. I have seen many spouting this theory in print and around the web.

However, Zecharia has come out in a press release to state that Nibiru is definitely NOT returning by 2012. It will be some time in the future before the inhabitants of that world return to enslave us again.

In case you were worried about that, rest easy.